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If you suffer from low libido, depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, or suspect you have a hormonal imbalance, our medical providers can help. With BioTE®, balance can be restored to the body leading to an increased sex drive, better mental health, enhanced energy, and improved vitality. Get started at Gallery of Aesthetics and restore your health today!

BioTE® –

Hormones are chemicals in the body that trigger organs and parts of the body how and when to work. If there is a shortage of progesterone, testosterone, or estrogen in the body, you can experience unpleasant harmful symptoms. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy brings levels back to normal and stops the adverse symptoms you may be experiencing. BioTE® therapy is a pellet treatment that delivers the consistency of hormones without using creams or taking pills. BioTE® therapy is used to balance, optimize, or replace hormones. The pellets contain testosterone and react to your body’s needs.
BioTE® is a groundbreaking pellet hormone therapy that prevents age-related ailments, depression, anxiety, and other symptoms of a hormonal imbalance.


Please fill out the following questionnaires to see how imbalanced hormoned may be affecting you


Schedule an appointment with our office and we will send you an assessment form that will be reviewed by a qualified healthcare professional and discussed at your consultation. Your provider may request lab work to further understand your needs. Our nurse will call you with the results, confirm your eligibility and verify your next appointment.

Your next appointment will include a lab review, a detailed consultation, and inserting the pellet. The procedure takes about 25 minutes. First, we will numb the site with lidocaine and insert the pellet into the upper buttocks.

Your next appointment will be in four weeks. We will draw your blood again and send it to the lab. You will receive these results in about 48 hours, and we will call you. Our nurse will review the labs with you and give you a progress report.


  • Women = $650 (includes the consultation, treatment, and post-treatment labs).
  • Men = $900 (includes the consultation, treatment, and post-treatment labs).
  • NOTE: $99 blood draws.

$100 off on your first treatment if your partner is undergoing treatment from the Gallery

**cannot be combined with other offers

Hormone/sexual health membership – one price covers the entire year of consultations, labs and treatments!

Gallery of Aesthetics Logo | Gallery of Aesthetics in South Jordan, UT

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Gallery of Aesthetics Logo | Gallery of Aesthetics in South Jordan, UT

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