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The History of Gallery of Aesthetics

Nearly 20 years ago, I was exploring different ways to expand or enhance my career and I attended a conference on medical aesthetics. As a physician and scientist, I framed this type of work like just another medical procedure. It was a nice addition to my practice but I kept it very two-dimensional.

I simply considered my work as a creative twist to a cool science experiment — like the discovery of the cosmetic benefits of a glaucoma eye drop that helped eyelashes grow longer and thicker (Latisse®).

My perspective started to evolve when I met a nurse injector, J. Nielson (now a DNP!). She had the vision, the passion and the confidence to present herself as an artist. She constantly referred to her work as her art. She owned the artistic perspective like no one else I knew.

An Aesthetic Environment

Aesthetic injections rely heavily on science and anatomy, yet it wasn’t until I started understanding the art of assessing and treating a face that I actually owned my artistic nature. I finally allowed myself to think outside of the scientific box and enjoy theprocess of sculpting and enhancing the face. This perspective changed my career, while staying true to my scientific side, and I adopted the expression “the art and science of skin.”

With this in mind, my wife Julie and I dreamed of having our own spa one day, and I wanted to capture the essence of the art and the science together. I wanted to create a spa in a surrounding that was distinguished by original (and sometimes quirky) art. It seems to have become a very cool art gallery with the benefit of hosting a state-of-the-art medical spa!

Gallery Nights

To continue this theme, it is our goal to host local artists and offer the community “gallery nights.” Our guests will enjoy the works we have in our personal collection as well as the works of the resident artist on display. Stay tuned.

Julie also created a relaxation room, allowing our patients a separate place to get a minor service or LED facial, numb up prior to lip injections — or just escape the kids for a bit.

We are extremely excited to invite you to the Gallery of Aesthetics so you can enjoy our space, our art and the broad range of services provided by our amazing team.


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