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Forehead and between the Brows (11's)

Botox between the browns and crows feet

Pretty and plump - Voluma and Juvaderm Ultra Plus

Restylane Lyft in midface

Tear troughs and midface - Restylane L (for the TT) and Restylane lyft for the midface

Pretty and plump with Juvaderm Voluma and lips done with Juvaderm Ultra+

Restylane Kysse

Restylane lyft - in midface restylane in lips radiesse in her midface and marionette lines (sides of lips to lower face)

Xeomin in the glabella (between the brows), Forehead, lower face (DAO) - to relaxed the downturn of her lips

Restylane Lyft in midface

55lbs Lost in 6/mo - Maintained w/ Semaglutide

30lbs weight loss

66lbs combined weight loss w/ Semaglutide

65lbs combined weight loss w/ Semaglutide

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