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    You’re invited to a night at the Gallery! Peruse our collection of fine art while enjoying stimulating conversation with our team of aesthetic experts. Best of all, gallery night attendees can take advantage of event-only discounts, free consultations, special demos, giveaways and so much more!

    The Featured Artist : Rebecca Klundt

    “I have been impressed with the idea that virtually everything we see in the world around us, has actually come up out of the earth. This happens through natural processes as in the case of an animal or plant, or through mining. We mine elements and from them create an amazing variety of useful things. Over time these productions break back down into elements and return to the earth. We can find piles of these no longer useful materials accumulating in corners.”

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    Artist on Display:

    Danny McBride

    Danny McBride was born in 1951 in Toronto, and has spent all of his working years in the arts as a musician, composer, singer and artist.

    First as a musician, composer and songwriter, Danny made world tours with the likes of David Hasselhoff, Chris de Burgh and Joe Cocker.

    Visit Danny's Site

    Didier Lourenço

    Didier Lourenço was born in 1968 in Premià de Mar, Barcelona. At the age of 19 he began working in the lithography atelier of his father, where he learned the trade of lithography. In 1988 Didier made a corner of the atelier his place for painting on canvas and paper. He shared his time between painting and printing lithographs for himself and professional artists.

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    Christian Jodin

    Christian Jodin is a French artist born in 1970. He obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the National School of Fine Arts of Paris in 1992, where he studied engraving medals, reliefs, mosaic sculpture, painting and lithography. He then started working as an engraver at the “Monnaie de Paris”, and afterwards in a photographic laboratory.

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    Kotaro Machiyama

    Machiyama is an exciting Japanese artist whose abstract paintings have been featured in publications, prizes and exhibitions in Japan, the US and UK. Machiyama’s process is to first sketch a motif, then create a digital draft in photoshop, then begin painting. His resulting works are bold, balanced and bursting with a distinctive aesthetic.

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    Luigi Maria De Rubeis

    De Rubeis had his start in 1970 by winning a contest for Biancheria Bassetti and Rivista Grazia with a prize of 1,000,000 lire in gold coins designing a four-person tablecloth. He was considered an “enfant prodige” when in 1973 he put on his first art show, receiving attention from the best critics in the sector. This notoriety won him an exhibition in Toronto, Canada in 1975 and access to the most important “collections?” in the sector. A 1976 exhibition in Kofu, Japan gave him name in Eastern countries as well.

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